How It Works
Online Reading Tutoring

Parents choose an online tutoring package of either 6 or 12 tutoring sessions. We offer no less than 6 sessions as this is the minimum time needed to show improved reading levels. Tutoring sessions are conducted twice a week on alternating days.


The student registration form and scheduling preferences are completed and payment is made.


Reading Rescuers. Inc. will send an email to the parents with the scheduling details for the first and consequential reading tutoring sessions. The student will be assigned a reading tutor who will consistently tutor the student through the duration of the instruction. Your child will also be assigned an EST (Educational Support Team) member who has the educational credentials, Reading Rescuers, Inc. training and reading tutoring experience to oversee your child's tutor. He/she will prepare all reading instructional goals and lesson plans for your child, will administer all assessments, and will communicate with you directly regarding all educational concerns and decisions.


The first online tutoring session will be used to give the Reading Rescuers Inc. student entry assessment. This assessment will be given by your child's EST team member and will consist of reading passages and word lists to determine your child's precise reading level. This reading level will be the baseline to monitor success throughout the duration of the Reading Rescuers Inc. online reading tutoring program.


Each consequent tutoring lesson will be conducted twice a week on alternating days for 45-60 min for each tutoring session. Students/families will be asked to log into the website at the assigned tutoring session time.


At this point, the student will meet the tutor online via the online tutoring platform and will begin the individualized reading instruction program involving the four core components of effective reading instruction: vocabulary, phonics, fluency, and comprehension.


The books used in the lessons are on the student's level and will be available via the website portal.


Progress will be monitored by assessments at the conclusion of every tutoring session. Subsequent tutor feedback related to assessment results and overall progress will be sent via email after each session.


The student will need a computer with high speed internet and a headset with microphone.

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