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Reading Rescuers, Inc. is a reading tutoring website that provides online reading tutoring via an easy-to-navigate online format. Reading Rescuers, Inc. differs from other online tutoring companies in that we specialize in tutoring reading only. The reading program that Reading Rescuers promotes has been founded on strong, research-proven reading practices that show results quickly. We guarantee that every student will be reading on a higher reading level at the end of 6 tutoring sessions (3 weeks) or we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

We offer our reading tutoring through a convenient online tutoring website that allows students and tutors to meet in an online classroom complete with video, chat and whiteboard capabilities. Parents are able to access all instructional goals, lesson plans, and assessments as well as student schedules, educational research, apps, and resources via student dashboard on website.

Reading Rescuers, Inc. was developed by certified reading specialists who have also been teachers with years of real teaching experience. We focus on the core area of reading instruction: phonics/phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. We teach the skills that need mastered in these areas while using guided reading principles with leveled books to foster increased student reading levels. Our ultimate goal at Reading Rescuers, Inc. is to have each of our students reading on grade level with mastered skill areas by the end of their tutoring experience with us.

Many current online tutoring companies tutor reading in addition to a long list of other subjects which results in a general, broad instructional approach to reading (computer reading games, lesson templates, etc.). The problem with this is that research shows that the most effective reading instruction is one in which explicit skills and reading strategies are taught to the student in an individualized environment. These online tutoring companies simply don't offer this type of specialized, explicit, and individualized reading instruction.

Explicit and individualized reading instruction is the basis of the Reading Rescuers program. We assess specific skills in all 4 reading areas as well as current reading levels at the onset of the program and then design an individualized program that explicitly teaches each skill, one by one until mastery. The result is that the student not only learns the skill, but masters it and is taught how to use those skills while reading to become a better reader.

In the Reading Rescuers program, we do not use a "template" program that all students work as in many other tutoring sites. Instead, our Educational Support Team (EST) individually assess the reading skills and level of each student during the first tutoring session and designs an individual education plan for each student based on the reading level and consultation meeting with parent. The EST assigns a tutor to this student who will best meet their needs and will be directly involved in making instructional decisions along the way in order to achieve the determined goals for the student. In this way, parents are assured that goals are set initially, instruction is designed to fit those individualized goals, and instruction is monitored and adapted throughout by the EST with the input of the tutor as well. Initial assessments, daily tutoring session assessments, and end of tutoring assessments are a regular part of the Reading Rescuers. Inc. program and always are available to the parent via the student dashboard.

Reading Rescuers, Inc. is a specialized online reading tutoring company who bases our reading program on high quality, research-based practices. We set ourselves apart from other online tutoring companies with our high quality, explicit, individualized reading instruction in an easy-to-use online format. Please help us grow so we can help fight, in even a small way, the ongoing illiteracy epidemic in our society!

Thank you!

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